SJBOT & Patch Prototype 2.5

I had a good, though tiring, day at the BDC Entrepreneurship booth at the St. John’s Board of Trade Trade Show & Conference. I met a few new folks, like Ashley from Fundamental Inc, who was kind enough to talk about her work in renewable institution planning, and Armin from AS Works, who had a really cool drone on show.

Also saw a few familiar faces, including co-boothee Julie Lewis from SassyTuna Studio, which was nice – another game dev was good to see!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience, but I talked to a number of folks about what I’m doing, and had a few people who wanted to connect either on the recruitment side or on the contracting side of things, both of which are encouraging signs – getting new devs is a challenge, and finding work is always good!

I spent a lot of my day, however, just showing off Beat Farmer and watching people play it, which lead to the refinement of yet another prototype, which I’m calling 2.5. This is the first version guided by a substantial amount of user feedback, and I feel really good about the result.

Check it out!

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